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        Book Beau.
        A Bright Future.

        It's a new dawn, it's a new day.
        It's an even better Book Beau.

        Sometimes it is hard to believe that Book Beau started just over three years ago. We have had lots of amazing milestones and quite a few challenges. Every single time we have faced a new challenge, our team has rallied together and emerged even stronger than we thought possible. We want to be as transparent as possible, like we always have been, so this email contains lots of information about where we are right now and where we are headed.

        We want to explain the exciting transformation we have been going through behind the scenes. But before we get into that, we want to say THANK YOU! Book Beau has been able to keep evolving into a company we are proud of, because of your continued support!

        You motivate us to keep moving forward, no matter the hurdle. These past few months, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to find a manufacturer that is the best fit for the future of Book Beau. We want them to be able to help us create new products, products that are up to our brand standards, that we believe in; someone who can help us create endless new designs and products. Well, good news BBs! We found one!!

        Where we've come from...

        As we move forward, we want to always remember where we came from. For the past few years, we have partnered with a wonderful vendor and sewing team that helped us manufacturer products we are proud of, but as we grew, they couldn't keep up with customer demand. We needed someone that could help complete our process efficiently and effectively as we move our company into the future. The moment we decided we had to go a different route, we informed them that we were grateful for all they helped us do at Book Beau. After explaining why we had to choose a new path, they decided to end our work with them immediately, resulting in an abrupt halt in all Book Beau manufacturing. It's sometimes difficult to balance personal and business relationships, but ultimately staying with that vendor was stifling our business growth. We are grateful for the time they worked with us, but also know that this is the best choice for Book Beau moving forward. This abrupt end caused, as anyone that pre-ordered knows, a cancellation of our Halloween and Fall Pre-order, as well as future Reading Beans. We thought about trying to find someone to sew the pre-order in a rush, but realized that we would not be able to uphold the Book Beau standard we strive for, which would not be fair to you, the customer. In good news, we have another local team that is now working on the fabrics from that collection and we hope to offer it over the next few months. We appreciate the amazing response of support you guys gave, and continue to give, during this most recent setback. Thank you for always trusting us to make it right.

        Even though that was not the way we wanted to begin our adventure into new opportunities, we are proud of the way our team banded together to find the best solutions quickly! 

        Where we're going....

        With all the past few months explained, let's talk the future of Book Beau! We are excited for what is coming next. We think we have the best Book Beau team and vendor team in place to move forward. We are ready to finally accomplish so many amazing things we have been dreaming of and that you have been asking for.

        We listened to customer feedback, and as we launch our new Book Beaus, we have made a few changes based on your requests over the last few years. First off, we have added zippers to all the sizes!! While the structure of the Book Beau is the same, there are some differences in how they feel when you touch them. It's a new cozier Book Beau, meaning they are a bit more flexible, with a softer inside. Our team is in love with this new feel and we can’t wait for you all to love them too!

        With this new transition, there is so much more that we can do now. We are excited to have new, endless opportunities, including new designs that aren’t like anything else you will see out there. We are beyond excited for the launch of these new products with custom designed, and digitally printed, exclusive fabrics!! We hope you love them as much as we do.

        An exciting announcement: Our first pre-order from our new manufacturer! 

        In light of all the good things, we are to announce that we are opening a pre-order today at NOON CST for a collection that is near and dear to Book Beau’s heart. In a world where you can sometimes forget to take care of yourself, this collection will help you embrace who you are. The Love Yourself collection is a daily, physical reminder of all the good things we need to remind ourselves of. We worked with an incredible artist to bring this vision to life. We can't wait for you guys to see them and we hope you love them as much as we do. As a thank you, for your loyalty and patience, we are discounting this first new collection by ten percent. The discount is already applied to all preorders!

        We have so much freedom to create now, with many exciting things in the works! Exclusive designs, new products, author specific projects, book box exclusives, licensing deals, and more are just the tip of the iceberg!! Are you ready for what’s new? We definitely are. Thank you for being here by our sides every step of the way.

        As always, if you have any questions or feedback please respond to love@bookbeau.com or message us on Facebook (not Instagram.)

        Thank you,
        the Book Beau Team


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