BFCM 2022 Stats

BFCM 2022 Stats

 Hey BBs! Our goal is to make our holiday sales as stress free and transparent as possible! So this year, we have our BFCM 2022 Stats listed below so you know what is in stock and how limited items might be! 

A couple of notes...

1. The sale prices and deals listed at the start of the sale are the only sales we will have. We will not be adding more deals as the sale continues. This way you don't have any anxiety over grabbing items and wondering if there is a better deal coming along! 

2. All items in stock are SHIP READY! That means no pre-order wait, and you can beat those pesky holiday shipping delays! We will not have any new inventory coming to the shop before the new year. 

3. Items are up to 50% off, no code needed! This means you can use Boba Points when you shop these deals. Please note that a few officially licensed items are excluded from this sale (Boba points can be used on all items, no exceptions).

4. If you have any questions, shoot us an email at OR shoot us a DM on Instagram or Facebook! 

5. The designs listed below will launch on Black Friday (they are not available in the shop until 1pm CST on 11/25): Celestial, Cozy Cups, Dainty Bibliophile, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Holiday Vibes, Holiday Wrapping, Modern Bookshelf, Moody Romantic Reads, Pride & Prejudice, PSL, Shop Library Card, Gamer BB Game, and Booklover Tote. 

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