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        Protect your books on the go! This protective padded sleeve keeps your current reads safe from crushed pages and bent covers. Finally, you can slip your book into a backpack without worrying it will be destroyed when you pull it out again.

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        Versatile Protection

        The wonderful thing about our classic Book Sleeve design is the various uses it can provide outside of protecting your books and e-readers. Many of our customers use the sleeve for journals, travel items and so much more. It protects the things you love when you are on the go! 


        Zipper Enclosure

        Our Book Sleeve design includes a zipper for your ultimate protection. Store and zip your items to protect them from the most unexpected of accidents that occur during the course of travel. 


        Padding Layer

        We didn't think a zipper was protection enough for your beloved belongings. We had to add another layer of protection in the form of a padded layer to avoid banging and scratching through the fabric. Your books, e-readers and more deserve the best of the best!

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