Kindle Home Screen Saver

Been seeing all those awesome Kindle lock screen images and wondering how to get one? This one is for you. We've made some fun lock screen options that you can download for FREE and have some step by step instructions on how to install them! 😘

Step One: Download the EPUB you would like to use. The below image shows some of the current Kindle Lock Screens we have available for FREE to download! USE THIS LINK to grab as many as you want! 💖


Step Two: Send it to your Kindle. You can do that HERE! Make sure you are signed in to your Amazon account and you can upload the EPUB file to send to your Kindle.


Step Three: Connect your Kindle to WiFi or a mobile network and download. Once you have it downloaded on your Kindle, make sure you have adjusted a few settings.


  • Go to the top right of your screen.

  • Hit the three dots & choose "SETTINGS"  (some newer Kindle versions have the "SETTINGS" listed in the top drop down menu)


  • In the settings listing, choose "DEVICE OPTIONS"


  • Once on the Device Options page, turn the "DISPLAY COVER" to ON and then sync your Kindle.


  • For the Lock Screen to be the fun design you chose, make sure to click on the design and open the "book" before you lock your screen. The Kindle will register the book as what you are currently reading and show the cover image on the lock screen! 

Step Four: Enjoy your new lock screens! And make sure to tag us in your pictures so we can see you Kindles. 💖



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