The virtual event you will never forget.

Walk around an out-of-this-world virtual event space, make friends as you explore, and engage with old friends as you go through experiences you will never forget.


Next Event: Summer 2021

We are going to be hosting a 3 day event this summer, gathering some amazing authors, publishers, influencers, and vendors in the literary space.


What we love about events

What makes attending an event so electrifying that we travel from across the country and around the world to partake in these experiences?

The community. The energy of having a shared joy with thousands of others around you. The excitement of meeting the creators whose works you have devoured. Sharing those experiences with old and new friends, often serendipitously made. The discovery around every corner becomes an adventure. 

What if all that same excitement could be shared virtually?

Our vision of virtual events

What if you could actually feel like you are there with the people attending, virtually.

You could walk the halls of magical convention centers, peruse eye catching booths, serendipitously make friends in the hallways.

You could hold your place in line for your favorite authors by clicking a button and then enjoy coffee and conversation while relaxing in a virtual lounge.

When it’s your turn, you could teleport to the author, make a memory you’ll cherish, and teleport back to your coffee and friends. 

The event space is nearly limitless but you could have the ability to explore it in its entirety or leisurely enjoy it in parts. 

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It won't be long before we open ticket sales for our virtual event happening this summer! We'll be offering special pricing and perks to our early bird list.

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How it works


  • Make an account
  • Customize your avatar 
  • Connect contacts to find friends
  • You’re ready to explore! 


Walk around a fully 3D event space with a click of mouse or tap of your screen (works from any browser or smartphone)

Approach booths and either talk to the vendor or peruse their catalog. Many of these booths will be hosting giveaways that you can enter with a touch of a button.

Use the map to jump to different locations quickly.

Find rooms with activities.

Rather than standing in a line for Q&As, Panels, or opportunities to meet your favorite authors, just grab a ticket! You can see where your place is in line or just wait for the notification while hanging out with friends.

If someone from your friends list is at the event, you can teleport to their location. 


  • People around you in the virtual space can see your Badge Name and Avatar and can also hear voice (if you have your mic on). In turn you can hear them.
  • If you want to see each other, just "Start A Conversation" and you can enable your video feed. Others around you can hear you but won’t be able to see your video unless they join the conversation 
  • As you make friends at the event, just add them to your friends list and keep in touch with them. 
  • Want to have a private conversation with friends? Head to a lounge and enjoy a private table with friends. You can choose to have a video feed of key event spotlights (author talks, panels, and the like) or you can turn it off and enjoy sitting with friends.
  • Want to make quick friends out of the thousands of amazing people at the event? Just join a mixer under a subject you love. Sit at a table of people who all love the same things as you and get shuffled around at random to continue to meet like minded people!


  • Many of the booths will have options for you to buy things from their booth.
  • Just like any online store, you can add things to your cart right from their booth and securely checkout with your saved payment options. 
  • All of your items will be shipped directly to you or the address of your choice. 



Attend live panels with your friends, featuring authors, publishers, and influencers

Meet authors

Create memories you'll never forget, getting face to face time with your favorite authors.


Attend live Q&As where you can submit all your burning questions!

Topical mixers

Scavenger hunts


Join the early bird list.

It won't be long before we open ticket sales for our virtual event happening this summer! We'll be offering special pricing and perks to our early bird list.

Enter your information below to join.

Past events

Capitol Records

We created and hosted the Capitol Royale experience from Capitol Records, a virtual experience focused on innovation in technology that featured live exclusive interviews from top talent in the industry.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Jared Geller talk about Hit Record’s use of innovative collaboration technology.

Brie Larson & Allan Blitz talk about Emmy award-winning VR experience, “The Messy Truth”

Amazon Prime Video

We created and hosted a live, virtual event with 30,000 attendees, for Amazon featuring a number of speakers, in-world customizations, and lots of community engagement.

Scooter Braun Concert

We created and hosted a live, interactive, virtual concert for the Beat Buds, a children’s band managed by Scooter Braun Projects.



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